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We give foster youth the guidance and support needed to live independent and successful lives.

My Brother's Keeper Community Services provides innovative behavioral health services to young men in the foster care system. We take pride in our creative and collaborative approach to delivering clinically excellent, trauma-informed, recovery-oriented services through our 3-tiered residential system.

Program Focus

The children who come into our care have suffered abuse and neglect and as a result, developed aberrant behaviors to cope. Our goal isn’t just behavior modification, but a return or introduction to wholeness.


How We Make A Difference





A Program Designed For Youth to Live in a
Moral & Respectful Way

Champion House

Champion House is where we begin. We review a child's history looking for needs and presenting problems to create a tailored treatment plan. This phase can take 3-6 months.

Boys to Men

This phase is to test the behavior management skills learned at Champion House. We utilize activities and games to teach children how to behave around their peers and others.

Cut Above

This is the final step in our process. We expect children to achieve certain behavior standards with additional freedoms. At this stage, children are ready to transition to their forever family.

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