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About My Brother's Keeper

In 1995, Dorian and Sheri Champion began to create an unconventional program to serve abused and neglected foster children. They spent several years as case aids and managers in the Tacoma/Seattle area observing repeated patterns and problems in the foster care system. This compelled Dorian and Sheri to take a different approach toward helping foster children, becoming foster parents themselves in the process. They developed a program aimed to help children with behavioral rehabilitation and to eliminate recidivism. The foundation of the program was Love, Affection, Discipline and Direction, values that have informed every action and relationship along the way.


In 2004, My Brother’s Keeper Community Services was born and implemented the L.A.D.D. approach. Starting with Champion House as the point of entry and assessment, Dorian and Sheri dedicated 13 years to fine tuning the program structure. Two homes, Boys to Men and A Cut Above, have since been added to the rehabilitative framework. Though each home can operate as a stand alone residence, children achieve lasting change by transitioning through each recovery-oriented phase.

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